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Flight Accident Investigation

Federal Agency for Aircraft Accident Investigation

Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Jörg Dau, Managing Director of DAUtec, is a part-time representative for aircraft accident investigation at the BFU in Braunschweig. The know-how from this activity brings valuable insights, especially in new developments for the aerospace industry.

According to the Aircraft Accident Investigation Act , all accidents and serious incidents that occur during operation in an airline with aircraft over 2000 kg, rotorcraft, airships and balloons are subject to an investigation.
For aircraft up to 2000 kg during their operation outside an aviation company (gliders, powered sailplanes,...), an investigation by the AAIB will only be initiated if new or significant findings for aviation safety are to be expected.

As a result of this fact, aircraft accidents increasingly have to be handled by the public prosecutor's office, the police or insurance companies alone. DAUtec GmbH makes its knowledge available for the investigation of aircraft accidents.