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We say thank you to our customers and partner laboratories for the trustful cooperation and wish you a wonderful Christmas season.

December 2021

Remote Witnessing

January 2021
Well positioned during and after the pandemic: From now on, in addition to our usual portfolio, we provide our customers with witnessing via remote connection. Test setups and test runs can be accessed live from a distance.
    Moderation, witnessing and exchange with our project engineers in the digital meeting room
    Livestream via web-based systems
    Worldwide access with unlimited participants
    Livestream via web-based systems
    Various viewing angles and recording modes feasible

Want to learn more? - Contact us!

We would like to fly again!

We are looking for interested partners for our competence team. If you are interested in the lighthouse project, please contact us for further information by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone to 040-2294777-27.

New price for the HALT/HASS testing

April 2020
The hourly and also daily prices for our HALT/HASS chamber have been reduced.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will prepare a suitable offer for you.

Information for our customers on the Corona situation

24. March 2020
Dear customers, the reports of further contact restrictions and curfews are becoming more and more frequent. We have also introduced strict measures to maintain our operations and protect our customers and employees. In addition to the obvious hygiene measures, these include working - where possible - in the home office and minimising direct internal and external contacts. We benefit from our small, flexible company structure and the close cooperation with our partner laboratories and would therefore like to support you in this current situation in the best possible way:

Should a visit to already planned tests in external test laboratories no longer be feasible or be on the verge of being cancelled due to blocks, conditions and/or prohibitions, please contact us.

Provided that our partner laboratories offer these testing services and we do not see an increased risk for our employees, we will carry out the witnessing for you in consultation - free of charge. We would like to support you in such a way that your planned project processes continue to be possible and planned environmental tests can still be carried out. We kindly ask you to make use of our concession, in this difficult time for all of us, only for urgent projects where the witnessing was not planned by DAUtec. Regardless of this, we will keep on offering our services to you as usual!

If necessary, please contact us by phone or e-mail at:

Mr. Dau: 040 - 2294777-0 // 0174 - 92 92 067 // This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mr. Gerlach: 040 - 2294777-20 // 0174 - 92 92 065 // This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mr. Scheider: 040 - 55 44 09 71 // 0175 - 41 43 216 // This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In this way, stay healthy and all the best for the time to come!

Corona virus information

March 2020
You can currently reach us as usual. If the implementation of the dates should prove difficult in the coming weeks, we will of course contact you immediately by telephone or e-mail to find a solution together. Up to now our testing services have taken place without any restrictions.

We have also introduced measures to maintain our operations and protect our customers. In addition to the obvious hygiene measures, these include working - if possible - in the home office and minimising direct contact.

You are welcome to take advantage of our offer of witnessing for this purpose; for smaller projects we offer this free of charge by arrangement.

Keep you and your families healthy!

Upgrade for our Waterproofness test stand Environmental Laboratory Lübeck

February 2019
It was tinkered, screwed and tested. Now our environmental laboratory in Lübeck is adorned with an extended test stand for sprinkling tests. With this we meet the increasing requests of our customers regarding the highest level of compliance with the requirements.

Many large and innovative cabin components now find their place on our test stand with a sprinkling area of 200 cm x 90 cm.

The first maiden flight was successfully completed in the presence of our customers.

A banquet for the DAUtec team

December 2019
This year we went to the annual Christmas dinner at LaCocina, a cooking school where we were allowed and encouraged to help ourselves.

It was snipped, squeezed, rolled, stamped and above all snapped with all its might.

Both the pumpkin soup and the duck convinced all along the line! The Tiramisu frying apple ice cream rounded off the beautiful evening with the DAUtec team.

EASA Workshop: Product Certification and Design Organisation Approval
// Cologne

November 2019
The aim of this year's EASA workshop was to update representatives of industry and authorities and to discuss important developments and activities of EASA in the fields of certification and design.

We were there again and gained important insights into working methods, best practices, regulations and important international activities.

EASA Working Group Meeting: new additions to Part 21
// Prague

September 2019
EASA has organised five events to explain the changed rules and the expected impact on design organisations. Acceptable means to meet the new requirements will also be described.

Johann Metzger (left) and Andreas Gerlach (right) attended the EASA meeting in Prague and gained new knowledge for our team.

in the interests of aviation safety

June 2019
The Lübecker newspaper visited us in June in our environmental laboratory at the Lübeck site and published an article about it.

The contribution of DAUtec, Johann Metzger and the centrifuge test stand to aviation safety can be read in the following article.

Summer event at DAUtec // Airport Lübeck

July 2018
Summer, sun, sunshine, what could be more beautiful?

Music, drinks and a relaxed barbecue gave the DAUtec team and family a relaxed summer break.

Formula 1 at DAUtec
// Kart racing

October 2017
Racing for the big and small. Racy and with a lot of fun went around the numerous curves on the karting track.

To feel like a racing driver for once - the DAUtec team tried it and was enthusiastic - in the spirit of "the way is the goal" they went to the Italian after the race for refreshment!

DAUtec opens location at Lübeck airport

July 2017
At Lübeck airport life is moving in again. Dautec GmbH, which was founded 14 years ago in Lübeck and moved to Hamburg in 2006, has set up another location. The company was founded in the Hanseatic city in 2003 and "returns to Blankensee".

The new capacities in Lübeck will be used to expand our own laboratory services, such as the performance of endurance tests, ball impact tests or compatibility tests.

AIRBUS factory tour

July 2016
"Experience airplanes at first hand" at AIRBUS on the factory premises.

Our tour consisted of a factory tour on foot through stations of the equipment and final assembly of A318/A319/A320/A321 and a tour around the A380 area with a visit to the structural assembly and equipment hall of the A380.

Company Trip to the Hansa Theater

November 2015
Various artists surprised the audience during the excursion to the Hansa Theater: from shadow plays to handstand acrobatics to juggling and puppetry, the program also included wit and word acrobatics.

As always, the culinary delights should not be missing - we were spoiled with delicious Persian food and oriental hospitality in the Tehran restaurant.

DAUtec and Lufthansa Technik AG expand their cooperation

June 2011
Lufthansa Technik AG (LHT) has entrusted DAUtec GmbH with the aviation-related qualification and operation of the environmental laboratory in Hamburg.

The two companies based at the North German aviation location have agreed on this in a framework contract.