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About us

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Everything has its time - and its history! Find out here how we became the company
that we are today.
2003 - Foundation of the company DAutec
The first stone for the company history was laid: on 15.08.2003 DAUtec was founded in Lübeck by Hans-Jörg Dau. As an assistant to the management in his father's company as well as a test and development engineer, the path to his own company in the aviation sector was paved.
2004 - BDO Founder Prize of the IHK Lübeck
DAUtec GmbH was awarded the BDO-Gründerpreis 2004 of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Lübeck for the idea, the concept and especially the presentation of the founder's idea.
2007 - Certification according to DIN EN 9100
We have been certified according to EN 9100 by the independent certification company TÜV SÜD. An essential cornerstone of our services was laid with an efficient quality management system, which is continuously updated, implemented and certified by us.
2011 - Commissioning of the environmental laboratory at the Lufthansa base in Hamburg
Lufthansa Technik and DAUtec have put a new environmental laboratory into operation. The environmental simulations in the TestCenter cover shock and vibration tests as well as temperature and humidity tests. The equipment also includes an autoclave.
2017 - Opening of another environmental laboratory at Lübeck Airport
The aerospace company Dautec is converting rented premises into a test laboratory. The company has already redesigned parts of existing halls and has opted for the Lübeck location.
2019 - Design of a centrifuge for the Umweltlabor Lübeck
A large centrifuge for the simulation of static accelerations, developed by Johann Metzger himself, now enriches the environmental laboratory in Lübeck.
It has been efficiently designed on the PC, all necessary components have been purchased and finally assembled and assembled piece by piece in the environmental laboratory in Lübeck.
Various aviation components can be tested to determine whether the components can withstand certain accelerations or the enormous stresses of an emergency landing.

Who are we?
Get to know us!

Hans-Jörg Dau

Managing Director

Philipp Scheider

Head of Laboratory

Andreas Gerlach

Head of Airworthiness Qualification & Engineering

Maxi Nadler

Quality Manager

Bettina Schilski

Substitutive Quality Manager & Qualification Representative

Sascha Annuth

Aircraft Electronics Technician

Tim Pienkohs

Airworthiness Qualification Engineer

Johann Metzger

Airworthiness Qualification Engineer

Vitali Knaub

Airworthiness Qualification Engineer

Abubaker Assid

Qualification Test Engineer

Shaping the future!


The Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (RTCA) serves as a federal expert commission in the USA. The European equivalent of the RTCA is the European Organization for Civil Aviation Equipment or briefly EUROCAE.
In working groups, we help to shape tomorrow's documents and keep abreast of the latest developments in environmental testing.


The task of the Bundesstelle für Flugunfalluntersuchung is to investigate accidents and serious incidents in the operation of aircraft in Germany and to determine their causes. Hans-Jörg Dau has been a representative since 2011 and is actively involved in the prevention of future accidents and incidents.


The Agency Aviation Safety Agency is the Aviation Safety Authority of the European Union for Civil Aviation.It has the task of establishing and monitoring uniform and high safety and environmental standards at the European level. By regularly attending information events, we keep abreast of the latest safety and environmental standards for the qualification process.